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The post-trade revolution is already underway as new standards allow investment managers to affirm fund level trades directly with all their brokers around the world.

AMS sell-side workflow
A credible alternative to inefficient centralised matching systems, Fidessa’s Affirmation Management Service (AMS) provides a single, certified channel through which brokers can directly confirm and affirm all their trades with their buy-side clients. With widespread buy-side adoption of AMS for the post-trade workflow, brokers can provide an efficient service to their clients, integrating seamlessly with AMS in one of three ways:

• Fidessa’s sell-side middle office platform is the industry standard for post-trade management with hundreds of brokers using it to manage their client workflow. With a rules-based charge and commission calculator, automatic trade enrichment and intuitive exceptions management, brokers can take a completed order from the front office, through the confirmation process and on to settlement. Fidessa brings real-time workflow to the user’s desktop allowing rapid response to processing issues, so achieving service levels previously unattainable with the older, centralised approach.

• For those brokers not using Fidessa’s workflow tools we offer a range of simple implementation options, all of which operate alongside their existing systems. These range from an easy-to-use proprietary OpenAccess API to a fully-conformant multiplexed FIX gateway.

• All brokers can interact electronically with their buy-side clients using Fidessa AMS’s Broker Screen which provides direct access and integration via a desktop application operating securely over the Internet.