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Fidessa’s Affirmation Management Service (AMS) transforms the traditional manual data process workflow providing exchange-trade derivatives operations with an exception management based process, improving efficiency, reducing errors and lowering costs.

ETD Workflow

AMS transforms cash and collateral management with accurate and timely confirmed trade date, tri-party confirmation between the buy-side, executing broker and clearing broker. Same day completion of trade matching achieves reduced operational risk with greater accuracy through electronic workflows replacing error-prone manual processes.

AMS takes a revolutionary utility approach to the workflow, insulating you from the technical complexities of dealing with individual buy-sides and/or brokers and their varying degrees of automation as well as key features such as:

• Automated matching of trade details
• Direct, un-conflicted communication with your trading partners
• Local matching and exceptions handling
• Global service and support underpinning your operation wherever it is located
• Resilient and secure infrastructure built on Fidessa’s ultra-reliable and robust architecture
• Audited export feeds to back office, custodians and prime brokers.

Fidessa manages all the on-boarding and ongoing maintenance and support of each and every counterparty in your community. AMS is platform independent, so those firms not running Fidessa’s middle office are part of your community too. Integration is straightforward with a range of interface options based on common industry APIs including flat files, XML and FIX. A standard web-based user interface application connects through to the AMS service over leased lines or the internet. AMS can be operated alongside your existing systems to facilitate a low-risk, on-boarding migration.