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Fidessa’s Affirmation Management Service (AMS) provides the most complete and cost-effective solution for directly affirming trades with your brokers, around the world and across multiple asset classes. AMS provides all the business workflows you need to access a fully-integrated broker community through a single, global service.

AMS Buy-side workflow

AMS extends naturally from front office order and execution management into the post-trade world of allocation, confirmation and affirmation. This improves accuracy and means that you can have far greater certainty that your trades, together with all their relevant economic and settlement details, are captured correctly and exchanged with the right broker.

AMS takes a revolutionary utility approach to the workflow by allowing the buy-side to conform just once to AMS, insulating you from the technical complexities of dealing with individual brokers and their varying degrees of automation, as well as specific workflow enrichments such as:

• Brokers’ delivery instructions
• Multiple legal entity routing
• BIC code usage vs LEI codes
• Preference shares instrument codes
• Short selling, CFDs
• Give-ups, Step-ins/outs
• One block multi-allocation

Fidessa manages all the on-boarding and ongoing maintenance and support of each and every broker in your community. AMS is platform independent, so those brokers not running Fidessa’s middle office are part of your community too.

Integrating is straightforward with a range of interface options based on common industry APIs including flat files, XML and FIX. A standard web-based user interface application connects through to the AMS service over leased lines or the Internet. AMS can be operated alongside your existing systems to facilitate a low-risk, broker-by-broker migration.